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Fire Emblem Tactics Online
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Announcements and Updates

News (10/17): FETO is looking to add to the devolpment team, inquire within our discord server to find out more!

It is advised, if you're new to the game, to read the guides in the FETO guide thread.

To be given access to dual stat skills, PM Speedy - IX
If you need to request a battle end for FETO please send a PM to fensti or Speedy - IX with the url for the battle and the reason for requesting.
If you notice any bugs, errors, or mistakes of any kind, please report them here ASAP!

If you have units locked in an invalid/nonexistent/deleted battle, report the characters in this thread.

If your account has not been activated yet, please click here and follow the directions in the first post or report to our discord server linked below and contact a mod.

FEPlanet.net -> Fire Emblem Tactics Online

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